Monday, April 9, 2012

Alpacas Spring Shearing

Well, everyone "the deed" has been done. Our Alpaca boys don't like it much, but it is what is best for them. They would die of heat stroke every Summer if they did not get their Spring Hair Cuts. Bean gets the gold star for behavior. He did not "cry" during the ride to the event, or during his turn at the "old" shears, teeth trim and toe nail cut. I can't say as much for the other 2, but I was suprised at how well they rode in the van. Even though they have all been sheared before, this is the 1st time Dean & I had to load them and take them to the groomers. Bean looked smaller than our other 2 boys before the hair cut, and now he is soooo much smaller. You can see their, and our journey in these pictures. Don't feel bad for them, they really, really do need this; kind of like you don't like going to the dentist, but sometimes it just has to happen.
All of our guests here at Biscuit Hill B&B have the opportunity to go out and feed our boys, so make sure you let us know you are interested in going and feeding them during your stay with us. We will make sure you get to enjoy this really special event, and answer any questions you may have about our Alpacas.
Our Ride to Groomers
Bean & Choco before hair cut
Nougat being strapped in for safety

Nougat getting his front legs secured

Bean Before & Nougat After

Choco & Nougat After & waiting for Bean

Choco After his Spring Hair Cut