Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Biscuit Hill Fruit Dumplings

Fruit & Bisquick Dumplings
Diane Reed – Biscuit Hill B&B

2 cups Bisquick Mix
¼ tsp. Cinnamon
2/3 cup Milk
(small bowl of water for moistening fingers only)

Boiling Mixture:
2 cups of water
11/2 cups Sugar

Broth Mixture:
1 can Mountain Dew
1 stick butter – melted
1 can (any fruit) Pie Filling
1 Tlbs. Vanilla

1 bag of frozen fruit (any kind)
(If using 2 fruits use 1 bag of main fruit & 1/2 bag of 2nd fruit)
Cinnamon Sugar (to your taste)

*Combine water & sugar & bring to a boil

*Mix Bisquick & cinnamon, then add milk to form dough
*Form dough into balls about 1 inch size (moisten fingers as needed)
*Drop dough balls into boiling liquid for 2 min. turning once
*Remove with a slotted spoon & place in a single layer in a large oven proof pan sprayed with cooking spray.

*Pour can of Mountain Dew into left over sugar water
*Melt Butter in the mixture
*Combine pie filling with hot mix & pour over dumplings
(At this point, you may refrigerate over night before continuing)
*Top with frozen fruit
*Sprinkle frozen fruit with cinnamon sugar mixture
*Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes or until contents bubble.

Serve Warm w/cream (optional)

Serves: 16
>Any can pie filling & frozen fruit may be used to change the flavor of the dumpling. I change it according to the season.