Thursday, December 6, 2012

Biscuit Hill's halls are decked, the table is set, holiday music is playing throughout the Inn. So if you have the time, come to the Texas Hill Country and enjoy at least part of your holiday season.  As a reminder all our rooms have their own fireplace and porch seating from the room. Also, this year we have added a new fire pit making it easier to roast those marshmallows.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Biscuit Hill's Fall Pyracantha Berries in our Garden

Hello everyone. It seems that October is just flying by and November is blowing on in soon. As I mentioned last month there is much to do in our area in the Fall. This coming weekend October 20 & 21 will be Gruene Trade Days, the week following October 27 & 28 is the Annual Texas Clay Festival, and if that is not enough FUN for you, starting November 2nd and running through the next weekend, November 10th, New Braunfels is having Wurestfest. This German festival is know throughout the state, and is a must attend at least once in your life. Wonderful German food is prepared by local charity groups, and there are several "adult" beverages to choose from. The festival hosts many music and entertainment stages, and there is also carnival rides on the Wurestfest grounds. Wurestfest is the epitome of a FUN TIME!
Here at the Inn we have started serving our Fall menu, with many special treats. The menu is determined by the number of guests in the house, but all menus have a Fall flavor to them. Our Saturday morning sweet treat for thhis Fall is Orange & Cranberry puffs topped with powdered sugar. Of course that is not all you get for your Saturday breakfast, but it is our Fall dish for Saturdays. Sundays we are serving our hearty sausage and 3 cheese Breakfast Casserole, Cheesy Potato Supreme, Harvest Biscuits, Fall fruit salad, and the sweet treat will vary depending on what I'm in the mood for. 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall Into The Texas Hill Country

Fall is one of the best times to visit the Texas Hill Country. Just down the road from Biscuit Hill B&B is the quaint little historic town of Gruene. Every October it hosts the Gruene Music & Wine Festival. This year it is held October 4, 5, & 6. Biscuit Hill still has 2 rooms left for that weekend, so if you see our post in time, book one and come join the fun. If you read this too late, don't fret, there is still much to see and do around here. All of the month of October is Texas Wine Trail Month. Here is a link to the official site that will give you all the information you need to get the most out of this Fall Trail.

There are also many festivals in our area for the Fall. Check out the various Chamber website for New Braunfels, Borne, Blanco and Johnson City to get all the latest info for their particular town. Biscuit Hill is no more than 20-45 min. from any of these towns. Only 15 mi. from New Braunfels.

Lastly, I want to give you a heads up for late October and November. Lost Maples State Park & Natural Area, will be your shortest destination for seeing Fall color. Other than around here at Canyon Lake. We have pretty good color too. You will need to check our weather because the leaves start turning about a week after the first cold snap. Lost Maples provided a "Leaf Update" on its website starting in October, so you can check back to this link as well. If you stay at Biscuit Hill, you can also order one of our Picnic Totes to take with you. There will be many places to enjoy it whether you are enjoying the wine trail or the beautiful out of doors.

Canyon Lake, TX
Happy Fall Ya'll !

Monday, August 20, 2012

September Things To See & Do

Summer is drawing to a close, but don’t fret! New Braunfels and the Canyon Lake area of the Texas Hill Country have so much more to offer its visitors beside our wonderful water activities. Over the next few weeks our Biscuit Hill Blog will be showcasing things to see and do in our area for visitors now thru the winter months. If you visited us over the summer and enjoyed our 2 rivers or lake, COME BACK! You will be amazed at all the other fun, unique, and adventurous things there are to do here. Follow our blog to get all the upcoming Hill Country information.

September Visitor Suggestions:

Adventure- Go Wild!
*A must see is the Bracken Cave Bat viewing. The bats will be migrating south sometime in late September or early October so if you want to see this exciting event, you can buy your tickets online at the Natural Bridge Caverns website.  For the 2012 season, flights are available approximately 5 evenings each week in May, June, July, August and September. Due to variations in the bats' emergence times throughout the season, guests may only purchase tickets 2 to 3 weeks in advance. If you wish to purchase a later date, please check back about 2 weeks prior to that day. If you have questions about a specific date or wish to book a group please call 210-651-6101. Since you have to pick up your tickets at Natural Bridge Caverns, you might as well plan on experiencing all the Cavern compound has to offer.

*Canyon Lake Gorge was formed in 2002 when the lake went over the safety spillway. Over more than 30 days the water raged down a previously uncharted path to the Guadalupe River. When the waters finely receded and stopped flowing the spillway, locals go a glimpse at what was left behind. A new natural wonder was left, and geologists from all over the world have come to view what the waters uncovered. Now the everyday person can experience the geological past during one of the dolson guided tours. Go to  and view all the information about the gorge and tour information.

* Canyon Lake Helicopter Tours is another great way to view our Hill country Area. Go to their website for all the details.

Events-Have Fun!
*Canyon Lake Dinner Cruses are offered the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. The next one will be Thursday September 6th  & the following date will be Thursday September 20th . Go to their Events web page here to view all their information.

*Comal County Fair and Rodeo will be September 22-30. 2012

October Coming Event:
Just a heads up since the Gruene Music & Wine Festival will be coming up the 1st weekend in October and I might not get to my October Blog in time to tell you about it. You can go to for all the details about this crazy fun event. If you haven’t put this on your bucket list, put it on it now!

Little Know Attractions-Surprise!
*Visitors can step WAY BACK in time and view actual dinosaur tracks as well as many hill country artifacts at Canyon Lake’s Heritage Museum. See their website, for all their information.

*La Cruz De Comal Vineyard & Winery
has been in operation since 1997, but just opened to the public this year. They have a wood burning fireplace in their tasting room, so Fall & Winter would be a great time to experience this amenity while tasting their locally grown grape product. Their wines are made without any additives. Their wines are aged and fermented the “old fashion” way. Since this winery is only a little over 1 mile from Biscuit Hill, it is a must try place to go. Our Biscuit Hill guests will get specific directions and their business card before they head out for a fab day of wine tasting. Cheers!!!

*If history is your thing, you can also go by our wonderful old town plaza made to look like a miniature Early New Braunfels town square. All the buildings were brought to the location and made into a “mini town”. The grandest home on the site was saved from the waters of Canyon Lake before the town of Cranes Mill was flooded to make the Lake. You can go to their website, to see directions and hours of operation. The village hosts a Folk Festival every April, so you may want to mark your calendars for that.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

La Cruz De Comal Winery & Vineyard

Haven't had anything new to report on our blog until now!!! La Cruz De Comal Winery & Vineyard is new to the public in our area, but has been making wine since 2000. It is only 2 miles from Biscuit Hill and has beautiful wines, and a comfy location to just buy a bottle of wine and hang out. Some weekends (not all) you can find various meats being cooked in their fireplace to try with their wines. For sure when it gets a little colder here in the Hill Country, you can sit by the fireplace and enjoy your tasting. All their wines are grown here in the Texas Hill Country, and they use a natural process where no additives are put in their wines. All their tastings are done with Riedel crystal wine glasses so you get the best of their flavors in your mouth. We are adding them to our Wine Trail Sip & See guide #1. When you book, make sure we know you would like a copy of this Sip & See guide.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

June 2012 20% Discount

Starting June 5th, Biscuit Hill is offering a 20% discount on all new reservations made for any June 2012 Arrival Date. You will need to request the discount in our "Specials" section of the online booking process. I will then put the discount in for you when I get the e-mail that you have booked. There is a spot in the reservation form for a code but I haven't heard back from the booking company on how to set that up, so for now, just request it, and I'll do the rest. We look forward to hosting your stay!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Vitex or Texas Lilac

    The Vitex or Texas Lilac plant can be left alone to grow as a bush or like the Crape Myrtle, it can be pruned in the Winter months to form a tree. The Creekside Suite at Biscuit Hill Bed and Breakfast has two of these beauties. The images here are of the "Mother" plant just outside the Creekside Suites living room window. This will be the last year we let it grow as a bush. This Winter we will be cutting it back into a tree. It stands about 10 ft. tall right now, and 8 ft. wide.

For those who seek a medicinal plant, Vitex fills the bill. it belonged to the official medicinal plants of antiquity and is mentioned in the works of Hippocrates, Dioscorides and Theophrast. Hippocrates in 4th Century BC recommended the plant "for injuries, inflammation and swelling of the spleen, and using the leaves in wine for hemorrhages and the "passing of afterbirth." Now I'm not promoting this, just passing off this tidbit of information for you. Vitex has also been cited for its astringent activity, and has been recommended for wild animal bites, swelling of the spleen and for dropsy.

This plant is a native of China and India, although long ago it became naturalized throughout the South. The early American nurseryman Peter Henderson stated that Vitex has been cultivated here since 1670. For those of us in the warmer part of the South, the "Lilac Chaste Tree" as it is somethimes known; has been the shrub of choice to mimic lilacs, which are restricted to cooler regions. I personally love this plant because it is deer proof!!!! Not one leaf or flower has crossed the lips of any of the many deer we have here on the property at Biscuit Hill. This may not seem like a big deal, but believe me it is. I have a rule here: "If it blooms and the deer don't eat it, it stays!" I don't care if "city folk" call the blooming plant a "weed" to me it's beautiful. I am going to try and get a few new Texas Lilac started over at the Main House after we trim this one. I read that they come up realitively easy from cuttings, so giving this a try. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Vitex is an excellent choice for a large shrub or small flowering tree in the smaller, modern suburban landscape. It does best in full sun and will grow in a variety of soils, provided they are well drained. After it has been established, the Vitexeric garden, where hot, dry surroundings prevail.
Like many members of the Vervain family, Vitex attracts butterflies and other insects. The newer strains have much improved varieties such as 'Montrose Purple', 'LeCompte', or the pink 'Salinas Pink' have spikes as long as 8 to 12 inches in length. Many aromatic black or brown seeds may be set, but if the spent spikes are cut off promptly after the first flowering the shrub will bloom again.
If you stay in one of the Main House rooms or suites, you can take the short walk over past the Alpaca pen to see this beauty. Of course, if you are staying in the Creekside Suite, all you have to do is look out your window, or gaze at it while on your porch swing.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012

Biscuit Hill's Cookbook 3rd Edition Now Available


Our much anticipated 3rd Edition Cookbook came in this week. Great timing for Mother's Day! The new cookbook has over 200 recipes this time. As all our past guests know; I just keep coming up with more. That's part of the fun of owning a B&B. Getting to make all this wonderful food! The new cookbook sells for $12 plus tax @ the B&B. If you need one shipped to you there is an additional $3 shipping & handling charge.

Special Note: We are giving all Mothers booked at the B&B for May 11 & 12, a cookbook as a gift. So book now for a wonderful weekend AND a wonderful cookbook, even if I do say so myself.

Go to our website: to make your reservation.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Texas Thistle & Butterflies

Because of the deer population around the Inn, we let all the natural flowering plants come up where ever they will. It would look lide a moon scape with trees around here if we didn't. This year the Texas Thistle are really thick all over the Canyon Lake area. We have several plants that line our driveway to the Biscuit Hill parking lot, and they are starting to bloom. As long as they bloom our guests are greeted each time they drive down our driveway with a flurry of butterflies. It is magical. If it is dark when you get here, they will all be asleep, but when you drive out for a day of fun, they will send you on your with with a what seems to be a joyful flurry. Here are a few images I shot just today.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Alpacas Spring Shearing

Well, everyone "the deed" has been done. Our Alpaca boys don't like it much, but it is what is best for them. They would die of heat stroke every Summer if they did not get their Spring Hair Cuts. Bean gets the gold star for behavior. He did not "cry" during the ride to the event, or during his turn at the "old" shears, teeth trim and toe nail cut. I can't say as much for the other 2, but I was suprised at how well they rode in the van. Even though they have all been sheared before, this is the 1st time Dean & I had to load them and take them to the groomers. Bean looked smaller than our other 2 boys before the hair cut, and now he is soooo much smaller. You can see their, and our journey in these pictures. Don't feel bad for them, they really, really do need this; kind of like you don't like going to the dentist, but sometimes it just has to happen.
All of our guests here at Biscuit Hill B&B have the opportunity to go out and feed our boys, so make sure you let us know you are interested in going and feeding them during your stay with us. We will make sure you get to enjoy this really special event, and answer any questions you may have about our Alpacas.
Our Ride to Groomers
Bean & Choco before hair cut
Nougat being strapped in for safety

Nougat getting his front legs secured

Bean Before & Nougat After

Choco & Nougat After & waiting for Bean

Choco After his Spring Hair Cut

Sunday, March 25, 2012

New Alpaca Boy Joins Biscuit Hill B&B

Choco & Nougat now have a new brother that arrived just today. We went to an Alpaca show yesterday, and fell in love with this little black boy from Cibolo Creek Alpacas. His fleece is sooooo soft and as with his other 2 pen mates, his eyes will melt your heart. Our guests left this morning before "Bean" came, so when the new guests arrive tomorrow, they will get to see him, and HE will get to have his first "Guest Experience". Other than him being a little smaller than Choco & Nougat, (Bean is only 60 Lbs.) he has that WONDERFUL personality, and LOVES to be petted. We know all the guests will fall in love with him as we did. The boys will be getting their Spring shear the first part of April, so I had to get shots of them all fluffy today. Bean also has a little different fleece that our other two boys. It is on the curly side and very wavy at the "roots". Right now his fleece tips are redish brown like Choco, but that will go away when he is sheared, and he will become jet black after the shearing.

The boys are already close. Choco is giving Bean a nose rub kiss.
Come See our boys when ever you can. We would love to host your next Hill Country visit.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Biscuit Hill Fruit Dumplings

Fruit & Bisquick Dumplings
Diane Reed – Biscuit Hill B&B

2 cups Bisquick Mix
¼ tsp. Cinnamon
2/3 cup Milk
(small bowl of water for moistening fingers only)

Boiling Mixture:
2 cups of water
11/2 cups Sugar

Broth Mixture:
1 can Mountain Dew
1 stick butter – melted
1 can (any fruit) Pie Filling
1 Tlbs. Vanilla

1 bag of frozen fruit (any kind)
(If using 2 fruits use 1 bag of main fruit & 1/2 bag of 2nd fruit)
Cinnamon Sugar (to your taste)

*Combine water & sugar & bring to a boil

*Mix Bisquick & cinnamon, then add milk to form dough
*Form dough into balls about 1 inch size (moisten fingers as needed)
*Drop dough balls into boiling liquid for 2 min. turning once
*Remove with a slotted spoon & place in a single layer in a large oven proof pan sprayed with cooking spray.

*Pour can of Mountain Dew into left over sugar water
*Melt Butter in the mixture
*Combine pie filling with hot mix & pour over dumplings
(At this point, you may refrigerate over night before continuing)
*Top with frozen fruit
*Sprinkle frozen fruit with cinnamon sugar mixture
*Bake at 350 degrees for 45-50 minutes or until contents bubble.

Serve Warm w/cream (optional)

Serves: 16
>Any can pie filling & frozen fruit may be used to change the flavor of the dumpling. I change it according to the season.