Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hill Country Bourbon Distillery

     I know I just sent out a post yesterday, but this couldn't wait until next week. I got a card inviting us to do a "Sit and Sip" at the Garrison Brothers Bourbon Distillery outside Blanco. They are the only "legal" bourbon distillery in Texas since prohibition. They hand bottle every oak aged drop that has been distilled in 100% copper kettles. This is fine smooth bourbon, not the "burn your throat" bourbon, it is meant for sipping, not mixing with soda. "Sit and Sip" Tours run Wednesday thru Sunday 10, Noon, 2, & 4 pm. Reservations are recommended (830) 392-0246. Even if bourbon is not your thing, the tour of the facility and learning how bourbon is made will be a treat. The tour takes about 1 hour and you "sample" along the way if you like. For all their information, go to www.garrisonbros.com PS every bottle is hand signed as shown in this pic. GOOD STUFF!

Dean & I are going over soon to pick up rack cards, so if you are planning a stay at Biscuit Hill Bed & Breakfast make sure you ask for their card.