Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Garrison Brothers Bourbon Distillery

Well Fans, Dean & I went to the bourbon distillery outside Blanco this past Sunday, and had a great time!! Stephanie, our tour guide let us know we would be experiencing something like what you would see on the History Channel show "How Things Are Made". As promised we were able to taste the different stages of the process of making a high end bourbon. Yum, yum!!!! We also learned that Bourbon is the National Spirit of the United States, like tequila is the national spirit of Mexico. You do get thirsty, so they provide you with bottled water and/or local beer from a Blanco Micro Brewery, since they can't sell the bourbon on site. If you want to try a really high end bourbon, you can find Garrison Brothers Bourbon at some liquor stores through out Texas, and at Costco. They are a small operation, so there are limited quantities out there. I will be looking in our area soon, and they will have another release in November. I recommend you join their blog to keep up with what is going on there. You can sign up at their website: http://www.garrisonbros.com/ I don't want to give away everything about the tour and tasting, I want you to go yourself and experience it. If you are staying at Biscuit Hill B&B, we can give you VIP passes for your visit there, all you have to do is ask. Even if bourbon is not your thing, the experience is, I promise!